Meet Your #MarchMindfulness Winners

Drumroll please…We have chosen our #MarchMindfulness Challenge winners!

Before we reveal the superstar winners we want to say thank you to EVERYONE for participating and making the commitment to get zen in 2017! We couldn’t be more proud of your dedication throughout the Challenge. A healthy life is the building block for so many other wonderful things and it all starts with the mind.

The beauty of this AMAZING community is that you have the power to inspire people who are thousands of miles away. In fact, you’ve inspired us to continue on our quest to bring holistic wellness to the world. Thank you for that!

Speaking of community – You all showed us how powerful the Grokker community is! This was our second official Challenge and here are the impressive stats to match:

  • Total Participants: 2,026
  • Total “I Did This’” Claimed: 7,432
  • Total Wellness Minutes Watched: 115,183 minutes → 1,920 hours → (that’s 80 ENTIRE days of mindfulness and meditation. WOW!)

Congrats to EVERYONE who participated and was a part of the challenge. Because of your continued support, we created a new topic dedicated to mindfulness so you can find your perfect video anytime, anywhere.  

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for..It is time to reveal the champions at the top of the scoreboard!

Let’s give it up for our #MarchMindfulness Challenge winners! Show them some love in the comments below.

Britteny Salvador

Britteny Salvador is an inflexible yogi, aspiring gardener and healthy eating advocate. In her spare time you'll find her on the mat or trekking through the outdoors.

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