Meet Your GrokStar Winner!

facebookBannerThank YOU for voicing your choice! We have been overjoyed with the amount of support and excitement around the next fitness GrokStar competition. You clicked ‘I Did This’ on the finalists’ workouts over 1500 times. Wow!

We know the choice was tough with three extraordinary finalists, and the results are in. Are you ready to meet your next fitness GrokStar?

Drumroll, please…

Congratulations to Keith Johnson, the winner of the GrokStar competition!!

Keith is thrilled to be the newest addition to the team. We’ll be filming a full series with Keith this summer, and will let you to when his new program will be released in fall 2016.

In the meantime, the GrokStar workouts will continue to be available for everyone to enjoy. Find those here.

A big thank you once more to all of you who voiced your choice, the finalists for their amazing contributions, and to Fitness Magazine for partnering with Grokker for the competition.

What kind of workouts would you like to see from Keith? Let us know in the comments below. 



Leslie Perryman

Yoga Category Manager

Leslie Perryman is Grokker's resident Yoga manager and Health Coach. When she's not helping produce new videos, you'll find her exploring outside, working in her garden, or trying to convince more people to eat brussel sprouts.

  1. Was really excited to see the possible addition of a new barre program. 🙁
    Please add it! However, congratulations Keith. Best of luck!

  2. Congratulations Keith, I am Recovering from a left foot surgery and during that time I have put some pounds. What exercises can you recommend for me that is minimal weight bearing on my foot for the abs and thighs?. Desperately wanna get this weight off. Thanks

  3. Hey gale!

    That’s a great question. Always be sure to have clearance for exercise by your physician first. Then you want to start of with levels of progression. Exercises as simple as standing on one leg and balancing will strengthen the muscles that support the foot. For the core/abs planks, crunches are a great start. I wish I already had my workouts going then I could point you in the right direction. Be sure to come workout with me! I promise to bring you all some new fun innovative ways of exercising. All while focusing on those little issues we all have.

  4. A good toning tightening all over body workout with cardio included no more than 35 mins long and then also a abb workout for 20 mins ..

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