Wellness Trends To Watch in 2016


Our predictions for the 2016 wellness scene are here! These are the top 5 health, fitness and wellbeing topics that we’ll all be talking about in this year ahead.

In 2015, we saw everything from coconut oil to juice cleanses, bone broth to barre class, sugar was demonised whilst HIIT (high intensity interval training) was hailed as the most time efficient way to workout, yet gain all of the same benefits.

Everyone’s focus seems to be on what’s natural and healthy, some even think it’s verging on obsession! But one thing we can all agree on is that the wellness scene is here to stay!

No1. Exercise: Your Passport To Activity
The last year has seen an exploding fitness market. We’ve all become commitment phobes shying away from memberships at a single studio. Someone somewhere picked up on this and created what we now know as “active passports”, allowing you to flit between any studio or class that your heart desires! This means that each individual studio themselves had had to react to the shift in culture, resulting in less membership options, more packages and heaps more availability for drop in classes.

No2. Technology: Taking It Online
Whilst some of us are now sweating all over our respective cities, there are others not yet brave enough, or just not into it. The growth of online communities (such as this one!) and programmes for fitness has sky rocketed in 2015 and only seems to be gaining more and more momentum for 2016. Online Personal Trainers like Kayla Itsines (Aus) and Joe Wicks (UK) are becoming global online phenomena’s sharing their ethos on eating and exercising. Instagram Influencers are on the rise too; people are looking for everyday stories they can trust and daily inspiration on what to eat, where to workout and what to wear!

No3. Eating: Bring It In A Bowl
Juicing has been a hit for a few years now, and the rise of juice bars popping up everywhere is testament to that. But since sugar was demonised, we all want ways to keep in all the nutrients and smoothies do just that. However, we’ve now moved on from mason jars, to just straight up bowls. Super instagrammable bowls, obviously! Using a regular smoothie base (albeit a little thicker that usual) the choice of toppings is endless! Basically – anything to maximise the health benefits! Think almond butter, goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, chia seeds …whilst adding all the “it” superfoods such as cacao powder, acai or avocado to the smoothie mix itself.

If you’re looking for a hot bowl of goodness. Soup cleanses may very well be the new juice cleanses. With everyone being all about “whole-foods”, soups are perfect to ensure you get your fibre, enough protein and a warming, savoury version of the aforementioned smoothie bowl.

And don’t worry, juices are still awesome! Accessible even from the comfort of our own homes! As 2015 saw a huge increase of sales of kitchen appliances which allow us to make all these healthy options with just the flick of a switch.

No4. Fashion: Athleisure
So we all laughed at the video parody but at the end of the day, we’re all still rocking it, and proud. If it’s stretchy, comfy and looks good, what’s not to love?! Everyone is getting in on the game too with high street stores bringing out their own label ranges and some even collaborating with fashion designers to see athleisure on the catwalk.

Wearing clothes you can get sweaty in, all day long, does however leave less excuse for not hitting up that class you booked for this evening…

No5. Mind: Let’s Meditate
It seems that meditation is becoming much more mainstream (check out the range of videos on Grokker!) as we all are curious if meditation is the key we’re searching for to reduce stress, improve health and regain some of that oh so magical balance. With celebrities getting in on the game and openly sharing about their experience, we realise it may actually be something we want to try ourselves! Meditation doesn’t have to take over your day either – five minutes of daily meditation can help reduce stress, improve your wellbeing and decrease aches and pains. And there is no set location either; whether you meditate on your walk, before you go to bed, during a bath or on your lunch break, it’s all about finding a way to get present that works for you!

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