Live Your Best Life With These 5 Healthy Habits

The word “wellness” means something different for individual people, but here at Grokker, one of our favorite strategies for implementing healthy habits into our lives is to Find Your Five. This simplifies your personal health journey into bite size packages for you to integrate into your lifestyle. By breaking down your wellness into five areas, you can then explore different elements and decide where you want to implement change. It doesn’t have to be anything major; creating small sustainable habits can lead to big changes.

We challenge you to find your five and incorporate these simple additions each day for thirty days. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back! Consider trying out our favorite five: sleep, cooking, yoga, fitness, and mindfulness.



Take a moment and think about how much sleep you get each night. Do you wake up tired? Are you reaching for that second cup of coffee after lunch? This isn’t news to anyone, but for many of us, giving our bodies proper rest is a challenge. Even minimal sleep loss can take a toll on your energy, mental focus, mood and ability to handle stress.

Grokker Expert Natasha Kerry is there to help those of us who find ourselves tossing and turning with her 8-day Deep Sleep Release program. All it involves is getting cozy in bed and playing one of her sleep stories as you drift off into a deep, restorative sleep.



You know the drill – eat your greens, consume whole foods, cut down on processed sugar. Speaking from experience, typically people know how to eat healthy, but actually eating healthy can be easier said than done. Well, it’s time for us to eat our words. When we eat right, we are giving our body what it needs to protect us against disease.  We have the power to take control of our health now and for the future.

To help you get creative with healthy cooking is this program on Grokker – Quick & Healthy Meals. These five minute recipes are not only deliciously vibrant, but they are packed full of the nutrients your body needs for optimum health.



It’s so easy to neglect stretching your body, however even just ten minutes can do wonders to release tension in your body and give you that extra boost of energy. Taking small amounts of time to care for your body can be incredibly empowering.

A helpful program you can find on Grokker is Sonia Doubell’s Tension Relief beginner’s series. Each of the six videos targets a different area of your body, such as hamstrings or your neck, and leads you through a quick routine to instantly melt away tension. Taking ten minutes out of your day to give your tight muscles some love has immediate results, transforming the rest of your day.



Why is it that fitness always seems to be the first to go when life gets busy? Just like with yoga, it’s tempting to convince ourselves that this is an all or nothing choice. The reality is, choosing to add small but sustainable exercises can increase our energy and improve our mood without having to sweat it out at the gym for an hour. One of our favorite routines we incorporate at Grokker is a short walk outside after lunch. Just that little bit of movement can revitalize us for the rest of the day.

The Let’s Get Moving program, lead by Grokker Expert Jaime McFaden, is another great way to sneak in a workout. Designed for beginners and those with a busy lifestyle who need a pick me up, her short videos can be easily performed anywhere and are perfect for energizing your muscles.



It’s only human to have those moments throughout the day where you may feel overwhelmed or nervous or worried. It may not be realistic to transition from that emotional state into a full meditation, but simply breathing deeply for a seconds – perhaps with your eyes closed – can bring you back to your center. Your breath is your anchor, and it always there for you to find.

When those moments arise where you need some guidance to clear your mind, Grokker Expert Mark Coleman’s five minute Introductory Breath Meditation will lead you through. These short few minutes of stillness can bring you back to your calm. Implementing a few minutes of breath work each day builds the foundation and sets you up for success later down the road.



When there are so many aspects to our wellbeing, creating change may feel a little daunting. However, it’s important to take a step back from all the noise and look to see how you can incorporate small habits into your life to create big waves of change. Whether you’re just beginning your journey to health, or you’re simply looking to revamp your wellbeing, to find your five is to take back control over your health.

Krystal Eckford

Head of Customer Success

As a Grokker Client Success Manager, Krystal works closely with HR leaders to develop engaging wellness programs that translate to healthier and happier employees. Krystal loves to run and always makes her friends workout on vacation. She lives in the San Jose area with her husband, Steve.

  1. Great suggestions! Even though it’s not always easy to incorporate all five things into our busy lives, but in 5 minute increments this is totally doable. I have it easy; I’m retired. I still find myself hyper-focusing on total random stuff that’s not going to make a difference in 10 years. Our bodies and mind will make a difference in 10 years though. We need to hit the break once a while and evaluate what we’re doing to ourselves with all that stress. Instead of bending our necks down to see the phone screen better to find out what’s new on Facebook, we should see what’s new with our bodies. What is uncomfortable and what can we do about it? I keep having to tell myself “Chill Bubba, chill” when I zoom around like the energizer bunny on steroids. It’s just not worth it. Take 5 and breathe deeply. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

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