Speed Session For Runners


I thought I’d switch things up today and share with you all a little speed / interval session that can be done on the streets or on the treadmill! It will get you hella schweaty and it’s the perfect sharpener for if you want to gain a little run speed. Now it’s coming up to winter and the triathlon season is over, I’ll be focusing much more on running races, starting with the Vitality West Run London 10km in a couple of weeks time. Ok, so it’s not enough time for me to train for a PB but I can make the day a little easier on myself by ticking off a few well structured runs and training sessions, such as this one, between now and race day!

So, I tend to start all runs with a few minutes walking, just to get everything moving and loosening up. You can do your usual routine, whatever you’re comfortable with.

The session is as follows;

  1. 8 Minutes @ Marathon Pace / Incline 1.5 or 2
  2. 6 Minutes @ Half Marathon Pace / Incline 1 or 1.5
  3. 4 minutes @ 10Km Pace / Incline 0.5 or 1
  4. 2 Minutes @ 5Km Pace / Incline 0.5
  5. 1 Minute @ 1 Mile Pace / Incline 0

You should take 1 minutes rest in between each set. I chose to work quite hard whilst running and then just hopped onto the sides of the treadmill for my rest. If you would rather not stop you can just slow down to a walk or a jog.

If you’re not sure about what pace you would run any of those distances at then just aim to start with your 8 minutes fairly easy breezy, more than a jog but you should be staying well within your aerobic capacity, able to hold a conversation etc. The 6 minutes should be harder but not quite tempo, I aimed to knock a minute (per mile) off my marathon pace, if that helps as a guideline. The 4 minutes is at tempo pace, so you’re pushing here, conversation? Meh not so much! The 2 minutes… go for it! You should be working hard here, remembering to use your arms for propulsion and aim to be landing mid foot, driving your knees up with each stride. You will feel like a badass during this set, all strong and fast but still in control. Then it’s onto the final minute, this is where you let it all hang out! Just remember, you can do anything for a minute! Breathe and Sprint! You’re so close to the end!

Awesome! You made it!! Be proud of yourself! In under half an hour you have done something amazing for your body and just wait for those endorphins to kick in!

Now, for the really the important bit… Don’t forget to stretch! If you’re stuck for some effective routines you could try the following;

Yoga For Runners – Cool Down Sequence

Post Run Stretch

Taking 10 to 20 minutes to stretch really will make all the difference in how you feel the hours and days after your run, so I would definitely advise not skipping it, despite how appealing the idea may be when you’re all tired and sweaty!

Let me know what you think?



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