Train and Transform with Pace and Go

Get ready for total body transformation. The dynamic duo Pace and Go are BACK with a brand new series, Train and Transform. This challenging 8-week program is designed to push you to your limits and get you the results you’re looking for.

Train and Transform is comprised of dynamic, high intensity workouts that will test your physical limits AND empower you to push through your mental barriers. You’ll get everything from nutrition advice to recovery techniques that will keep you motivated.

The FULL series is available Monday, Nov. 21st!  Join us next week for Train and Transform with Pace and Go and show us your progress with the hashtag #TrainAndTransform.

Can’t wait until Monday to practice with Pace and Go? Check out their classes on Grokker.

Britteny Salvador

Britteny Salvador is an inflexible yogi, aspiring gardener and healthy eating advocate. In her spare time you'll find her on the mat or trekking through the outdoors.

  1. I’ve been doing the train and transform series and love it! However, I’m not sure how the scheduling works? I’ve been doing cardio one week ,then core, then, plyo, etc…. Should I be doing three different ones each week? Is there a schedule somewhere that I’m missing?

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