How to Harness the Power of Positivity

In a world where so many of us are swept away by our fast-paced lifestyles, it can be challenging to maintain a positive frame of mind. Our attention and energy are in high demand and consequently, scattered across all areas of our lives.  This often results in leaving our own needs in the dust. We’ve all been there. Have you ever experienced lower productivity than normal or strained personal relationships?

Scientists are catching on to the power of positivity and its impact on all dimensions of our lives, including our career, and are providing us with realistic solutions to foster a sustainable sense of positivity. New research is revealing the compelling benefits positivity can have on your overall health. Johns Hopkins conducted a study demonstrating that those with a positive outlook, including those at risk for heart disease, are 13% less likely of experiencing a heart attack.

Cultivating positivity definitely takes effort but having daily rituals and practices can have transformative effects on your life. Initiating small lifestyle changes that work to reduce physical symptoms of stress, and in turn, prime the opportunity of a mental health makeover. Results don’t happen overnight, but with a devoted attitude of self-love you can harness the power of positivity. Below are some recommended strategies for harnessing the power of positivity.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool for circulating physical and mental energy in order to revitalize your system. Through yoga, we learn to nurture ourselves – both body and mind as we become more focused, relaxed and mindful. This forces us to let go of what we cannot change, thus increasing creativity, and allowing for more inner peace, acceptance and positivity.

Grokker Expert Julie Montagu’s 21-Day Happy Yoga Program will set you up with all you need to kickstart this cultivation of positivity. Her series explores several sequences that are designed to stimulate increased energy, inspiration, and sense of empowerment. It can be challenging to redirect your emotions right off the bat but releasing physical tension in your body opens space in your mental resources so that energy becomes available for reframing your personal narrative.

  1. Gratitude & Positive Affirmations

A recent study has shown that practicing gratitude is correlated with a 23% reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone, indicating the benefits gratitude has on our stress levels.

Pick a time that resonates with you; in Julie Montagu’s video on Daily Gratitude Practice, she recommends taking time in the morning to review all that you are grateful for. Simply going over the list in your head, or even writing it down, can have profound effects on your health and happiness. .

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate this practice into your life and need some guidance to get started, Grokker Expert Alister Gray’s Confidence Affirmations video is a comforting way to get started. Beginning your day by intentionally curating how you want to feel really sets the tone for everything that follows. Being only five minutes long, this video makes it easy to fit into your daily routine. 

  1. Mindful Acceptance

Mindful acceptance is the practice of responding to emotional activation without reacting, judging, or controlling the experience. Allowing yourself to simply sit with your emotions, rather than feeding into them, provides fertile ground for developing emotional intelligence and increasing feelings of peace and happiness.

When first starting out, it is helpful to engage in this practice during instances of low emotional reactivity in order to develop the habit. Meditation is an excellent resource for developing this mindset. If you are looking for somewhere to start, Grokker Expert Davidji has a video series on Fostering Mindfulness. These guided meditations will help you foster inner acceptance, increase patience and gratitude.


Krystal Eckford

Head of Customer Success

As a Grokker Client Success Manager, Krystal works closely with HR leaders to develop engaging wellness programs that translate to healthier and happier employees. Krystal loves to run and always makes her friends workout on vacation. She lives in the San Jose area with her husband, Steve.

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