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Yoga Name | Bhujangasana

Pronounced ‘Boo-jang-gah-s-anna

Cobra is a gentle back bend and stretch that you perform whilst laying down on your belly. We love to use this pose to stretch our our core after a killer circuits session.

To warm up you can do two to three of the following;

Now for the step by step;

1. Lie down, belly to the floor. Draw your inner legs together and point your toes back.

2. Bring your hands directly under your shoulders and draw your elbows back and close to the side body. Track your shoulder blades back and down behind you to take your shoulders away from the ears.

3. Begin to engage both of your legs so that your knee caps lift away from the floor but keep pressing all 10 toe nails in to the floor. Ground your pubic bone down in to the floor to create spaciousness in your lower back.

4. On your next inhale, use your back muscles to lift your upper body and head away from the floor. The lowest set of ribs should remain touching the ground. The exertion comes from your back muscles rather than through pressing down through the hands, the hands on the floor is merely a supporting gesture, the arms are not doing the lifting.

5. Keep the back of the neck long and lift the back of the head. Think about extending the spine as well as lifting. Hold for 3-10 breaths and return back to the floor with control on an exhale.

You did it! Awesome!

Enjoy your practice and have a brilliant day!

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