Reduce Stress & Anxiety

7 Reduce Stress & Anxiety Mind Videos for Respiratory Health

Leslie Vale • April 12, 2017
These guided meditations will instantly reduce stress and anxiety, and teach you techniques for managing it each day.Extended Emotions Meditation: 20 min. by Mark Coleman
1. Extended Emotions Meditation: 20 min.
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Discover inner freedom. In this meditation, Grokker Meditation Expert Mark Coleman will demonstrate how to open to, feel, and sense emotional states with acceptance and curiosity. The ability to witness the changing nature of pain and to understand how to hold your emotions with spacious attention can bring both relief and self liberation. Through this practice you can return to a neutral emotional state no matter what conditions arise, and train yourself to stay present when the mind and body are in need of compassionate awareness. This Grokker Premium video is designed for all levels.
2. Introductory Body Meditation: 5 min.
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This guided meditation will relax your entire body and bring deep sensory awareness. You will be guided to experience careful, mindful attention to every part of your body from the top of the head to the feet. Mark will guide you to notice sensations in your muscles and on your skin with each rising and falling breath. Whether you are new to mindfulness or are an experienced practitioner, you will enjoy this total body relaxation meditation.
3. Introductory Emotion Meditation: 5 min.
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In this short meditation, Grokker Expert Mark Coleman will guide you through and exploration of mindfulness of emotions - how to bring awareness and mindfulness of emotions and feelings. In this video you will learn to develop the confidence to meet any emotional challenge when it is present in your life and develop the capacity to find peace, understanding, and healing through learning how to relate to any emotional pain with a caring attention. All levels.
4. Extended Breath Meditation: 20 min.
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In this meditation, you will develop focus, concentration, and calming through a sustained attention to your breath which will give you support for tethering your mind to the present moment.
5. Introductory Listening Meditation: 5 min.
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Heighten your state of receptivity to the present moment in just 5 minutes. This brief listening meditation is an invitation for opening both the mind and heart, no matter how little time you have. Listening to sounds in meditation encourages you to let go and allows a sense of inner spaciousness to receive the offering of the moment. This guided class is a gateway to awakening a deep sense of connection to sound and finding inner peace. All levels.
6. Introductory Breath Meditation: 5 min.
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In this simple and clear mediation, Mark will guide you in a mindfulness of breath practice that will help you develop focus, calm, and clarity. It can be done anywhere, at anytime. Take time to notice the stillness that rests between each breath and observe the quiet state of your mind, which will enhance your mental clarity through a simple connection to the present moment.
7. Witness Meditation - Fearless Heart
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The unlimited potential of the mind in an open state of presence unleashes us from the clutter of our own mental dialogue, and holds us in an un-restricting center. This is the source of deep, unwavering happiness. In this video, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will take you into a state of mental and emotional freedom. Become a master of your own mind in this Grokker Premium video designed for all levels of students.
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