Leah Putnam
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Leah PutnamGourmet Raw Vegan Chef - Mountain View, CAPersonal MissionTo focus on WELLNESS instead of illness and empower people to take responsibility for their actions and radically shift their health in a community of wellness.Unique SpecialtyVibrant energy-filled raw vegan living-food cuisine.Other PassionsNature, downhill skiing, traveling, scuba diving, hiking, boating, meditation yoga, and hanging out with my two twin boys, my husband and loving dog Koal.Websitehttp://livingwholy.com/
An active member in the health education and fitness industry for over 30 years, Leah Putnam has an extensive background in movement and rehabilitation. She is the founder and President of Spring Training® Inc., a Pilates and Gyrotonic® studio located in Mountain View, CA, where she helps clients develop efficient and fluid movement patterns for every day health. Her years of experience in the fitness industry have taught her that movement alone cannot maintain wellness. What we eat also plays a vital role in not only how we move, but also how we feel and think. Leah’s curiosity about the feeling and thinking aspects of wellness is what first drew her to raw vegan foods, and led to her subsequent graduation from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in 2007, a school concentrating on gourmet raw vegan cuisine. Leah is also the founder of Living Wholy which was born out of her own success in healing breast cancer naturally though diet and lifestyle changes. To deepen her understanding of how food and lifestyle play a vast role in how we live our lives, she studied and completed a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a Certification in the Science of Raw Food Nutrition. Leah’s passion continues to thrive and grow as she shares with the world that quite possibly their could be other methods of healing cancer than is typically prescribed by modern medicine. Her cooking specialties include preparing fresh organic foods and creating novel, tasty, raw recipes. Leah aims to educate others about the infinite wellness benefits of this unique cuisine. In addition to her fitness practice, she teaches raw food preparation classes, wellness classes and developed her own online 21 Day Wellness Cleanse based on the raw living vegan lifestyle. READ FULL BIO
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Living Light Culinary Institute Associate Chef Fort Bragg, CA
Gyrotonics Headquarters Gyrotonics Expansion System® Level Two Instructor Los Angeles, CA
American College of Sports Medicine
Hendrickson Method Institute Certification in Hendrickson Method® of Orthopedic Massage Kensington, CA
Long Beach Dance Conditioning Long Beach, CA
Bernie Clark Teacher Training Yin Yoga Instructor Vancouver, British Columbia