Grokker is an on-demand well-being video platform that people love.
Transforming health programs
Grokker engages employees and motivates individuals toward better health. Our holistic solution offers over 4,000 stunning exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep videos that can fit into anyone’s schedule, a supportive community of experts, and an easy-to-implement, patented program.
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Hannah R.
"Grokker has helped me learn how to make time for myself and how to finally relax with meditation. The meditation specifically has had a huge impact on my life and well being. Because of Grokker I've been able to rest easy, relax quicker, and work towards a more positive life."
Hannah R.
"When I joined, I was very impressed (and still am) by Grokker's great organization, professionalism, beauty, and variety. The passion demonstrated by the Grokker community is admirable! Such an inspiration for me."
Sabine W.
Real Stories
Sabine W.
/gräk/, verb (informal)
"To drink or soak in knowledge such that you are transformed by it."
To "grok" or to say you are a "grokker" is to say that you have been transformed.
Lorna Borenstein
About our founder
Grokker Founder Lorna Borenstein discovered her own way back to health from the high-stress world of tech. A busy working mother who was always on-the-go, Lorna saw the need for a flexible wellness program that could be accessed from anywhere.
Our mission
Grokker's mission is to advance the personal pursuit of physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Our five core values define Grokker's unique corporate culture and help us deliver on our mission.
1. It's Personal
2. Fun
3. Freedom
4. Results Matter
5. The Enthusiast is the Center of the Grokkerverse
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