Why they ♥ us
"When I joined, I was very impressed (and still am) by Grokker's great organization, professionalism, beauty, and variety. The passion demonstrated by the Grokker community is admirable! Such an inspiration for me."
Avery F.
Get Fit
"Just did the first of week five of X5 Bodyweight Intensity (after completing weeks one through four) and I can't speak highly enough of the series! More please!"
Jason M.
"When I found Grokker online in 2015, that added a major component to my daily routine. I do my yoga videos every morning after 20 minutes on the elliptical, then rolling on the foam roller and Yoga-Tune-Up balls (which I got introduced to through Robyn Capobianco of Grokker)"
Sabine W.
"Thank you for the wonderful was challenging but doable for this beginner!"
John A.
Squat at Work
"You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your X5 Intensity! I do it now for the third time and I am stronger and way more fit than before!"
Ororo M.
"Grokker is awesome! I'm new to meditation and yoga and just love the site and my kids (ages 8 & 3) love the kid-friendly yoga videos. As the weather cools down we will be using the site more often. For now we have been enjoying every nice day outside that we can before the cold settles in."
Holly N.
"@Sarah Kusch This is still my all time favorite go to workout...I started it with 5 lb weights and today, a year later, I'm trying out the 10 lb. The row-hop-switch is still the killer of this video, but happy to say, bits involving pushups no longer are!"
Alexandra R.
"BEAST MODE. I've come so far with this fitness test. I've more than doubled my push ups, got the full 60 second plank in AND I doubled my burpees ALL IN ONE MONTH!!! It is great seeing and feeling my progress. I feel stronger mentally and physically. So pumped to continue working out this year."
Sarah L.
"My 7 year old Grandson likes to do yoga with me sometimes. He was a bit grumpy that this wasn't "normal" yoga. Lol. By the end he was into it and having a great time. I'm really enjoying this series. It totally resonates with me and the way I like to move. Thank you."
Holly N.
"I love this site so much!! The videos are beautiful and there's something for everyone."
Sheila D.
"Dear Celest, this is an awesome class. Got up at 4 to do this class, it was well worth it ;-)"
Daniel O.
"What I like most about Grokker is having access to a variety of great fitness videos while I am traveling, and I also enjoy quick core exercise videos when I am short on time!"
Lauren O.
"At new hire orientation, people have said it's really nice that Pinterest is investing in us. Other companies have wellness programs that are very cookie cutter and traditional - this is much more innovative."
Pinterest People Operations
"The fact that Grokker is available on any device, at any time and designed specifically for busy professionals means that all of our global employees can take advantage of this new benefit, and find the time to incorporate wellbeing into their everyday life."
Survey Monkey Director of Benefits
"It's amazing to see that people globally are using this benefit. It's not just something we can only offer to our HQ like so many other on-site programs"
The Linux Foundation Executive Director