It's time for a modern wellness program
We'll take it from here
Grokker seamlessly integrates with other platforms and takes wellness off your plate:
• Annual wellness calendar so your whole year is planned
• Monthly emails and blog posts written from you
• Results delivered with easy-to-read reporting
• Live and online wellness events hosted by Grokker
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Never pay for something you're not using
We engage your workforce with incentive programs and custom challenges
Grokker users:
• Watch 8,000 videos a month
• Visit the site 3X a week
• Perform a social action on 50% of video views
• Get their questions answered by experts every day
"Our millennial employees are starting their careers at 2U, and they're not afraid to tell us what they want. We listened to their ideas, and that's why we chose Grokker."
Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits
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Finally, a benefit that makes everyone happy
We meet you where you are on your well-being journey today, and grow with you as your business and well-being needs evolve
• Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition for every level and occasion
• Ideal for dispersed workforced
• Customizable for your company's health needs
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Corporate culture and wellbeing resources
for HR and benefits leaders
Alister Gray
How to Demystify Mindfulness At Your Company
with Grokker Expert Alister Gray
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