A magical experience.

Breath is the gift of life and a constant gift, given every single moment we are alive. It is the only constant we experience throughout out life time; as we may not always be aware of the breath, it is always there the constant silent reminder of our being, our body, our mind, our higher true uninhibited self. Our breath is a silent reminder of this gift and an audible reminder of our health.

Often times, we can make our unconscious breath conscious by bringing that sonorous inhale and exhale into our existence— the ujjayi.

Ujjayi breath is conscious breathing. It is that forever reminder of the ocean breath; it is a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life. Rolling with the waves and life’s forever changing current, the breath— this gift of life— is always present. This alone, I find this quite comforting. And one knows that I certainly like to be comforted. Now turning that focus internally, I am learning to comfort myself and my conscious and unconscious being.

I am learning to recognize that even amidst a storm, one can always find serenity and peace of mind. It is the simple knowing that our breath is always present, whether seen and unseen, audible or inaudible.

Our breath, that gift from God who is the giver of life and all things is not only the symbol of life but it also symbolizes that we are thankfully never alone. Even when surrounded by chaos or silence, that knowing soothes my mind. As I write this, a random thought pops into my mind, perhaps that is a good time to invoke the ocean breath. That sound alone reminds us that God, our giver, is near and even when in the eye of a storm we can have access to that knowing and lends to a renewed peaceful state of being. Thanks be to our creator, our giver of life.

To know that we are not alone is something to remember and praise because that knowing alone calms my breath, my body, my mind and spirit. That alone is a beautiful thing. To think that is all thought was invoked by a single breath, focusing our awareness on a single inhale and exhale. Thanks be to ujjayi.