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Nancy McKayAre people on this forum engaging in the Accountability aspect of the program?581
Catherine Legier-GwynnHow do I log an I DID This? 302
Denise GoebelI'm particpating in the 21 day relax program-Andrew Johnson. Does it matter what time of day? I'...191
Alyssa StrattonADHD 1051
Shigeru KawadaI watched video completely but not able to send # I DID This . Do you know how do I send this?791
Lindsey SamplesWondering why my "I did this" aren't being recorded and counted as done?1031
Stephanie RosarioLack of sleep 1401
Marcia AgostiWill you give us access to the ortugues language?1921
German RamirezIPhone IOs 15.1 and Grokker issues sync data between Applewatch / IPhone / Grokker?1631
Patrizia CosenzaHow comes after completed 500 points pograms (one month ago) I still miss my points ?1311
Chris MohrSustainable Weight Loss: Share your own experience and questions. 4187
Darren JohnstonI completed a 2nd program yesterday, but it is not showing as completed?1691
Kizzy DavisI feel like I'nm I'm all over the place some times. How can I correct this? 1021
Nancy WorkmanHelping spouse to log in so we get his part of our incentive 1591
Marquez MarquezAny suggestions for videos to help with anxiety?????2242
Irene DIf you drift in and out of what feels like sleep during meditation, is it being done incorrectly?...1401
Mark MercerI completed 4 programs but havent received any rewards. Cilcked " I did this" submitted. But have...2041
Mayuri NaidooGood day, at Pfizer we have 65 colleagues signed up to the Andrew Johnson RELAX program, would it...2241
tlc tlc Are the "Your Next Video" and "Next Videos for You" features on the homepage automatically compu...5213
Amy FickelWith the recent, unexpected death of my sister, having a plethora of emotions, looking for a mind...3421
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