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Recently Answered Mind Questions
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tlc tlc Are the "Your Next Video" and "Next Videos for You" features on the homepage automatically compu...1873
Amy FickelWith the recent, unexpected death of my sister, having a plethora of emotions, looking for a mind...171
yvonne taylorWhat is the collection tab for?181
John BaranickDoes Manisha Thakor have any advanced financial planning programs, for people 3-5 years from ret...401
Rose A HughesRecovering from a severe concussion and subsequent vertigo...anyone have any brain exercise ideas...791
正义 栗怎么与苹果手机同步?1081
tlc tlcIs there a way for users to remove the "Your Next Video" and "Next Video For You" features from o...1471
Lisa BakerI've synced my fit bit with Grokker, but I don't see any credits for the data it tracks. Am I sup...1571
Roy SanabriaIs there a full program to learn Tai Chi? (with sorted videos from Beginning to Advanced)1461
Jacquelyn BoschenCan you recommend videos to help me cope with a child who has anxiety and oppositional defiant di...1511
Rhonda Ortonhaving trouble coping with my brothers death, so do you have a coach for that1371
Sarah Malliaburnout1441
Janet SequeiraI would also love meditation videos1551
Becky DukowitzHow do I edit the reminders on my calendar without having to edit them every day? 1501
Luis GonzalezI need dental benifits for some time I have been getting help from the federeal Gov. An now that ...1451
Deepa NayakHow do you pull yourself out of feeling overwhelmed by work and take a breather?2482
Steven DeppenHow do I record meditation 2421
Nidhi AgarwalPlease let me know where I can find ocd related meditation vidoes2461
AJ OrtalI usually feel that I can't breathe in my own space. I try to work but I just stare on my work de...1931
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