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Linda UnderwoodI have asked for programme to be 12md but is showing on calendar at 13:00 need to change to UK Br...412
James HarrisIf I quiet the mind, I'm I stopping it from doing it's job?371
Sinta Hendargosister got covid and I can't help481
Wafia MekkiWht should I do to sleep well and stop thinking on all 551
Susan WillisonHow can I stay focused on my eating during this time of pandemic?761
Jorge SaenzHi. How can I switch the language to spanish? is it possible? Thanks. 611
Don Dthanks for sharing your knowledge Amy Rogg! would love to have more stress reduction videos from...651
Fırat KirezciHow to invite my family member to join on grokker within my account?871
Muhammad Zeeshan RoshanWhat about saving videos on Android devices for viewing later??771
Cathy Lemmonbattling depression1111
Sherri JenkinsI have never been able to relax, since kindergarten I was nervous, always worrying. I really wa...981
Anupama BhatiaI am always anxious..how do I get over with it?851
Shavin Duffystress 1261
Donna BryarI find I don't need this app anymore. How do I cancel so I don't get charged?1141
Mohammad ALII want to sleep at night before 12pm1181
Janese Jones-Barneywhat are some ways to cope when you are having an anxiety/panic attack? 1181
Jacqueline ShoemakerWhat are some short activites to release stress?1611
Tamieka T.HI all. Is there a way to change workouts on the calendar?1491
Perry StokesI get over whelmed with what I have to do and with what I want to do as it seams like I'm stresse...1901
BRENDA ILACQUAim so ready to stop smoking ciggeretts2051
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