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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Guy MacdonaldIs there a way to link a Fitbit to this challenge?51
Jamieson Pochei use my apple watch to track my steps, can i use it here? 41
Michael Fordhow do i watch the first sleep video? 281
Troy DiaoHow to change the program's time on calender???171
Ayesha CammaertsWhy are my programs that I have completed not showing as complete even though I have done all the...281
Joyce chambersHow to connect your fitness tracker?141
Diana MuresanI am looking for a program that combines strength and HIIT. Any recommendations?331
Yvette Noethenstretching legs muscles 281
Otmane BenamarHello, My Grokker read sometimes my health data and sometimes not, while the workouts are showing...481
yvonne taylorhow is the level determined? I am only at level 9 even though I have 763 of wellness minutes. 861
Miho EdmundI think I complete a Grokker Activity Goal (I saw a message like that), but it was last momnth. W...741
Laura FlynnI got a cardio step for doing step aerobics at home. However I'm having trouble finding good vide...2156
Staci HigginbothamIs there a place on Grokker that labels the workouts in a way that would line up with Apple watch...831
Susan JonesI asked to have my Fit bit disconnected from the Grokker site yesterday unfortuantly I can't view...661
BADARI PRASAD KGHow do I connect my Garmin watch ?821
Susan JonesHow do I disconnect my Fitbit from the site. Under my profile I can see thedisconnect option but ...961
Michael BridgefordGrokker is only syncing my last two days worth of workout data from Apple Health. How do I get it...1221
Lorri TannerI'm trying to log in my steps that i took but i can't find the area, I remember i was able to do ...1011
Kathy WehrsCan you go back and catch up on activities you forgot to post? 1271
Mark Smithhow do I enter a manual exercise 791
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