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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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DANIKA AndersonWhy is it so hard to start exercising during the day/evening?91
Reed Kelleycreate a team 351
Bryan JohnsonI am disabled (using a cane) and I have balance issues. How should I search for activities to do...493
Katherine Ortizmanually log walking321
Ben BurggrafWhat energy drink is the cleanest and most healthy for you?1312
Marcellah MghendiI have watched a few videos on nutrition and weight. Any advice on alternate day fasting? What's ...912
Thresa GyamfiGym591
Christopher LittleWhy does only 120mins of self-ceritfied activity count? I use brands such as Wahoo, Strava, Coro...841
Alejandra MarroquinI would like to self report a 15 walking activity for July 6th. How can I update this the tracke...391
GLENN GEETINGAm I enrolled in the Olympus challenge?411
Chris MootyHow do I log my fitness activities? Usually I rock climb for 2 hours on the week days and play te...491
Rich RoblesHi all, when self reporting activities, is it more accurate to enter steps walked or minutes walked?431
Bree Gomezdoes anyone have the number to the Health Coach? 761
Yarimar Perez RiveraIs there any way to connect my Samsung watch?911
Christopher LittleIs there anyway to connect a strava account? Self entered activities don't appeasr to be getting ...821
Stephanie FuentesHow do I create a challenge for a group?1321
Gerard ArrottiI am looking for an elliptical 20 minuite cardio workout for a 60 year old731
Mimi MonKevin Fong What types of exercises do you recommend for a torn menicus?1121
Erin Kaneis there an app? and can I connect my apple watch?1011
Gerard ArrottiI am 60 years old and I am looking for aerobic training videos using an elliptical machine?1211
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