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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Yolanda WilligesHow do i change my level of fitness to low impact? and keep my yoga classes level at intermediate?631
Donna Minchewwhy can I only join one program at a time. I wanted to do a stress relief program and a nutrition...1201
Sue .Kelly Lee is a Bosu Master Trainer. Are there any videos that have been created for the Bosu in G...591
Scott FranklinFor men in their 40's and out of shape, ready to get back in shape, where do we start? There are...421
Evelyn D. MitchellI am 66 years old. Had a total knee replacement 6.10.2019. Any suggestions for me to start ?341
Elizabeth KatsuraHow do I include minutes from my garmin watch when I workout outside?271
Lisa HartmanHow do I log workout outside of Grokker? I do not have a Fitbit or any other devise. 521
Christopher KilleenI'm a brain surgery patient left with poor balance + drop foot/weekness in my left leg. I need t...491
Susan PittsI do lots of hiking in the mountains so my lower body is strong. Looking for strength training f...321
Michelle BatesEven though I do a video almost every day, it's not starting a streak.481
Tina BaseWhat if I don't have a device to log other workouts that I do outside of GROKKER?461
connie suttonDaily Workout videos are not posting to my Wellness Minutes on the ipad, only if I do them on com...921
Michael GriffinCan I log workouts on here?651
Deepti Patro Last week for another 35minutes session I got 200+ points. LOL, anyone else getting such bonus w...1151
JONI BONIHow do I stop following a program on here?761
Lisa BarthIs there any reason why I can't get the daily workouts on my tv? I can only seem to access them f...1071
Christine Rose LoweI have cartilage problem, so my knees are painful, trying to correct this,help please.821
Carol RodiHow do my daily walks figure in. I don't have devices that can monitor or share with the Grokker. 1031
Wilson Gheurphysiotherapy 811
Lisa TillmanHelp! I sprained my ankle ... Any suggestions for workouts that focus on upper body + lower body ...911
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