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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Diana CordioI'm trying to use Grokker on my Roku TV, but after reading the help tips, I don't seem to land on...132
Dionne TuellerI have a Roku at home and just downloaded the Grokker channel. But the page is telling me that wh...10923
Lisa BakerWill my Fitbit info automatically upload to Grokker?331
Kyle KruskaSo, if I already have a workout planned for today - weight lifting and swimming, can i get credit...341
Virginia Cassidywhy are my points not showing on the leader board ? 271
Gina FergusonWho won 60 day weight loss challenge 2022441
Susan MorganTrying to figure out how to post my activities. I walk 3 times a week and started swimming also....201
Jay Millercan you sync missing data from apple watch?411
Elizabeth SampoHow do I schedule to receive my fitenss program email reminders at 7:00 am ET ?401
Marcia Davishow do I enroll in wellness credit401
Brenda AshleyWhy doesn't the data from my fit bit load consistently? I have weeks of fit bit data missing. It ...321
Rebecca ButtsHow do I find a Daily Workouts video that was on the home page? It was shown sometime between Ap...221
Joe Flemingadd daisy activity201
Joe Fleminghow to add daily activity to your calendar391
Marie BenfordHi All! Has anyone come across any videos with exercises for strengthening ankles? Thank you.474
Angela MossHello! I am excited to join. Are we able to sync our activity tracking for points with apps like ...673
Dan GWhat's the best yoga program535
Dan Gstretching4911
Judy FixlerHow do I log my workout for yesterday if I forgot542
Eric OrtizIs there a way to Create a jog/fitness challenge with office colleagues that we can track on here? 641
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