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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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MANJUNATHA NAGARAJUhow do to log my own fitness activites-( jogging )151
Beata BIs there a possibility to make "I did this" list visible only to myself? It's nice to track it on...471
Mario CarbajalIs it planned to synchronize the app with Strava?181
Cadona Dollar Dollar Grokker emails - How can I change it to my personal email. Is there a way to link the ATTAIN Lin...351
Nicholas Massinehow do i input my own fitness activites 201
Rafael RondonIs there a way to log personal workouts (i.e. runs, biking, etc)? 61
Raj KadakiaHow do I change Invitee to a different family member?51
Laura FlynnI got a cardio step for doing step aerobics at home. However I'm having trouble finding good vide...744
Caroline Hoganhow do i add activity? 261
Elena AccinelliSome of my Grokker activity does not get recorded, even though I click on 'I did this'. Any help ...221
Margret KalterAre there any Qi Gong courses or trainings available?211
Aly GrasserI have joint hypermobility & have loose rotator cuffs in both shoulders. I've tried PT several ti...341
Loesje ShemaHow do I self report my work-out? 421
Amanda LoibnerKevin Fong, Do you have recommendations on how to get stronger, decrease pain and add flexibility...481
Chris BlairHow do I find the workout of the day?952
Amanda CantrellAny advice on videos to help with marathon training? Either cross-training exercises, running, or...571
Carole BradfordHow can I set up the daily reminder to arrive at 6:00am? It used to but has gradually become lat...561
Casey AlltopMy app used to sync with my Apple watch and now it doesn't. How can I get it back on? Thanks. 782
Daphne MooreI need tone up and lose weight after having 2 kids. I'm not sure where to begin. 1062
Rebecca TWrist and thumb pain - difficult to do push ups. Is there anything I can do to help with push ups...822
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