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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Lisa BarthIs there any reason why I can't get the daily workouts on my tv? I can only seem to access them f...311
Christine Rose LoweI have cartilage problem, so my knees are painful, trying to correct this,help please.191
Carol RodiHow do my daily walks figure in. I don't have devices that can monitor or share with the Grokker. 371
Wilson Gheurphysiotherapy 271
Lisa TillmanHelp! I sprained my ankle ... Any suggestions for workouts that focus on upper body + lower body ...411
Rainer WackerThe Quiz seems not to work for me. After I entered my weight in kg and height in cm I get the fol...462
Deepti PatroI just completed Sarah Kusch's Toranado Challenge [[v:58e0428bde507a363db7f5db]] and I earned 65 ...451
Ivonne Querecuto SuarezReducir grasa441
Mari QuenemoenCan anyone recommend a good fitness band or set? Doing the "get tight" program now and it require...591
Julie Foxfitbit451
Hillary WoestDo the Grokker videos have access via Firestick or Roku? ...or only pc, phone, tablet, etc.?661
JANET PELLEGRINII need exercises that are low key because I have 2 knee replaacements.741
Krystina DiCristofanofor someone who is 300 pounds and has a hard time even with modified movies, what should i do? 1011
Marta Gonzalez FerreroI have done all the videos in my current programme, but i haven't clicked "I did this" for all th...751
Lisa BrownI want to switch a program I just signed up for. How do I delete it so that I can add a differen...811
Taher VohraDo you do the video 1 for 1, or repeat the exercises in each video multiple times (and if so, at ...941
Ariella BI don't like working out on the floor, are there videos where the routine is done all standing?911
Tamara FellowsWhat is the best fitness challenge for beginners who have a short attention span? 921
Alecia PersonI just joined. There are daily videos with Sarah on the home page. Can we access these daily work...1021
Shauna P.Is it possible to download a video to view while I am out of service?1201
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