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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Timothy KitzWHERE do i add exercise minutes? I know we can, I need to know WHERE??393
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James KoubekHow do I determine what weight dumbells I should use for the 'Fitness for Longevity' Program?1893
Selene TolbertWhere in the application can I go to add the 40 minutes I walked today? 451
Lisa OwensI have problems with my feet and hands. My exercise that has been suggested for me is swimming a...262
Eban BeltranHow do I join more Challenges than the "Better, Faster, Stronger" Challenge?1032
Deanna RitcheyI mistakenly joined the wrong challenge. I do I "un-join" it?541
Hillory MillerDId anyone else had problems completing this mornings daily workout-Cardio...? I attempted SEVERA...421
Sarai DiazHow do I add fitness to my challenges? The webpage and app will not allow me and forcing me to do...421
Sharon Cuevashow do i self report workouts1151
Kimberly DunhamCan I synch my apple watch?521
Lisa ThorsellIntermittent Fasting 1011
Annjeannette FisherHow do I mark a Daily Workout as "I Did This" once I complete it?591
JULIE MARXWill 30 minutes walking 4x week help weightloss?1031
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