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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Jun OuyangNot eating supper will help?161
Darryl MillsIs it better to do cardio before or after a workout?271
Chris MacyMenopause is real! Any helps on controlling hot flashes and chocolate cravings. Makes it very d...191
KRISTY INGRAMMy FitBit is successfully synced to grokker - but does not appear in my profile - appreciate any ...121
Horace QiuHow to modify the daily working out data?251
Sierra JacobsHow to input personal workout?161
Kathy WehrsIs gardening or yard work a recordable fitness minute activity? 131
Laurie StiltnerHow do you post activities131
Edward Dunlaphow to self report281
parameswaran narayananI do not use any gadgets. But I do a lot of activity from 04:00 hrs. aerobic, stretch exercise, p...371
Gannon HarrisDoes this pull information from Strava? 251
Sara Haaraccess271
Sara Haarhow long will we have access to this site? I am absolutely loving it!331
Paula DeSantis TarrisHow do you log an activity? Is it from my FitBit?321
Kathy LiuHow to connect the Apple Health on my phone to Grokker so that activities are automatically loade...351
Surbhi GuptaNot able to connect my Apple Watch to Grokker account, can anybody help?261
Ernestine LöwensteinI need to change my calender entries. Don't know how to move a set session from one day to anothe...321
Leigh OuttenHow do I join a team?351
Sandra HackbarthAre there any printable gym workouts?391
Rebecca FI cannot figure out how to share Grokker with my dependant. Help with where to locate this optio...381
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