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Recently Answered Fitness Questions
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Jessica HancockI was really excited to see a new Sarah Kusch series but it is all videos that were available pr...201
Elizabeth BlackCan you earn wellness minutes by exercising and not watching videos? 161
Julie Trojanowskihow do I do the 21 day challenge?372
Sharon WoodsWill there be any new Ellen Barrett videos? I really like her approach with fitness251
Chassity StanfordIs there an alternate step/exercise for someone with RA sticken knees? I can't do lunges or squats. 392
Margie DeebI have lower back pain and damaged knees - any recommendations for vids that take into account da...252
Kelly GradyI've just gotten the all clear to start an exercise routine after breaking my ankle. Any suggesti...311
Deahna B.I did 20-Minute Cardio Walk and claimed my "I did this" today but didn't earn any wellness minute...331
Kelley Simpsoni want to leave a program and start a new program, how do i leave my current program?231
Kate WesterHow do I leave a program if I want to switch 451
Kellie Mcdanielwhere are the videos491
JANET KLABEmy question how do you workout using your own body weight as strength training?481
Stephanie Miller-RileyBest weight loss exercises for sciatica?621
Lisa TillmanHi Grokker! When is Sarah Kusch’s new fitness series scheduled to launch????671
Kim LauranceCan I use honey? How do I specify I did the grocery list and shopping? In general, how do I "Do...521
Thomas HowardI have been reading about the 5 2 plan, where you eat healthy 5 days a week, 2 days no more than ...732
Robin Puccican you sync with an apple watch781
Louise CowburnI'm looking to strengthen and tone up my inner thighs and am struggling to find a workout that wi...731
Deborah PelletierIs there a way to undo an "I did this"? My Ipad was not responding when I clicked on it after my...922
yael tuccioHi. I'm going to start with the "Program Mind, Body, Fit" and I would like to know what can I eat...781
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