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Marita LawsonFat Loss: Cardio vs Strength Training--Which is more effective for fat loss?101
Beth StrayerI'm doing the 21 day athlete and I'm frustrated because by the time I've figured out how to do th...91
Theodore Nelsonhow to download pha forms for dr91
Diana Vieth50 yr old trying to get back to getting fit. What videos should you suggest.191
Alison BowensI have been doing Sarah Kursk jump start program. I plan to do the program for two more weeks. Wh...131
Jeannine BowermasterWhat are your suggstions for CORE strenthening exercises for someone who hates yoga?131
Samantha Horvathlosing inches151
Nicholas LaFalceMy Garmin data is not displaying161
Manny Ojobaro I synced my fitbit last week and my minutes synced initially, but my new workouts since the week...211
Lawrence DobbsThe program says I can watch the videos 5 days before they are scheduled or 5 days after, but I a...241
Wendy Goniganhow can I bookmark this page I keep having to go back ti register 321
RICKY De Los AngelesThis might sound silly, but how can I reduce the amount of 'chin fat' around my jaw? 351
Travis HennagerCan I only join one challenge at a time? I am currently in the Healthy Cooking option, but don't...251
Cindy YorkI can't sign in to the app on my phone. Anyone else with Disney having this issue? 372
Lashawnda Reidwhat is the recommended consumption of water on a daily basis311
Hartwell Pritchettwhat are good mental exercises 322
Nancee ManulaDo we get minutes for syning out Fitbit? 371
Helen SchuckHi, Do any of the videos have kegel exercises to help with core and pelvic strength? Thanks. Helen361
MARZENA MACKULA-FARTHINGHi everyone! I completed my 1st Couch to 5K "run" yesterday and feeling rather sore today. Any id...311
Nancee ManulaFor the Disney Challenge can we sign up for more than one of the Topic Challenges? 562
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