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John BuhringDo you have a recipe for fondant?502
Gerard ArrottiI am 60 years old and I am looking for aerobic training videos using an elliptical machine?411
Barbara ReisdorferHow do I add minutes... for example, if I've been out jogging?361
Andrew SollenbergerI am looking for something like miminalist that helps me limit what I buy and I am always trying ...311
Yasir JavedWhat is the best way to control over-thinking? Share some techniques or tips.421
Lizete MedeirosWhere can I find out if I have access to the Weight Loss Jump Start program?501
Najmuddoja Muhammadreduce belly fat 1091
Ignatius OkoroiI want information on challenge runs641
Praveenkumar KarunakaranHow to see our own Google Fit activity data in Grokker?651
Kathy WilliamsDo you have wall pilates?834
Sharmi GhoshHow to concentrate during meditation461
JANIE PIERCEHow do ya'll mind from straying to other things 451
DEBBIE ValenzuelaHow do I sign up for cooking classes?711
Jessica MeredithI have a complicated health background but have been trying to loose weight but was looking for r...591
Jessica MeredithI have a complicated health background but have been trying to loose weight the Grokker walking ...822
Jessica MeredithMy Husband is preparing for a bariatric surgery and I know that he is going to have to eat a low ...672
gilbert Hernandezyou have workouts for chairs881
Samantha RobertsAre there anymore Kundalini yoga or more information on Kundalini? I would love to see more throu...911
Prakash KarandeWhen I go into the challenge, I dont see my minutes updated on leaderboard. Is there a limit per...861
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