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Karhleen PicardiYin yoga video41
Karhleen PicardiI want to see a yin video41
Monica GutierrezI missed a video scheduled and I have to restart from the beginning in ordere to get credit. How ...172
Vanessa DasaroWhy do I feel nauseous while doing yoga? 221
Lidia ContrerasI did like 21 videos and I am not getting any credit. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong ? 231
Jessica HancockI was really excited to see a new Sarah Kusch series but it is all videos that were available pr...211
Elizabeth BlackCan you earn wellness minutes by exercising and not watching videos? 171
Julie Trojanowskihow do I do the 21 day challenge?372
Sharon WoodsWill there be any new Ellen Barrett videos? I really like her approach with fitness251
Ashantia CurtisCan anyone suggests any foods that are tasty, but not high in calories?? 341
Margie DeebI have lower back pain and damaged knees - any recommendations for vids that take into account da...252
Chassity StanfordIs there an alternate step/exercise for someone with RA sticken knees? I can't do lunges or squats. 402
Kelly GradyI've just gotten the all clear to start an exercise routine after breaking my ankle. Any suggesti...311
Kelley Simpsoni want to leave a program and start a new program, how do i leave my current program?241
Gayatri ValwaniAny Yoga for tummy fat reduction?381
Deahna B.I did 20-Minute Cardio Walk and claimed my "I did this" today but didn't earn any wellness minute...331
Kate WesterHow do I leave a program if I want to switch 451
Deahna B.I downloaded two sleep videos to my iphone. The first played nicely, the second was still streame...421
Kellie Mcdanielwhere are the videos491
Phoebe RidgwellHi I tried to start a yoga course, but it wont let me as im already doing stress reduction? can i...451
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