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Tom RowanI am 72 years and am wondering if their is yoga videos for my age group that takes into considera...291
Margaret Bennettetechniques to stay calm and clear when under stress 531
Eman OsmanI mainly work on enhancing my pose, straightening my shoulders, and looking healthier. What type ...611
Thysihi DanielsHow can I loss my stomach fat1321
Thysihi DanielsHow can I losemm my stomach fat1301
Diane ClohesyHello all -- sorry, I'm new to this. Once we link our FitBit account to our Grokker account -- t...1051
Karin St Pierreplease confirm completion of HRA - health risk assessment and money sent to my insurance Aetna 1522
Vasanth JeyarajAwareness, Reality, Time, Truth, Love, Compassion, Intelligence, Meditative mind - Is it all the ...1061
Vasanth JeyarajWhy hasn't teachings brought about any change in human mind? Does it mean that mind operates in w...1071
Vasanth JeyarajIs mind listening to facts, truth that everyone is the story of mankind and immeditaely turns it ...881
Claudia PrietoWhat type of yoga helps to loose weight?1511
ROCHELLE SabolDo you like cooking?1214
Vasanth JeyarajHas anyone in this group attained mental wellbeingness? No anxiety, no stress, no desire, no fear...1372
Vasanth JeyarajWhat place has knowledge in Human relationship. If we say none, then the next question is are we ...841
John CarltonI am a General Electric employee. How do I add a Grokker account for my wife? The help above sa...1341
Lisa Harriswhy do someday my FitBit auto syncs and other days it doesn't? My Personal Best streak was broken...1411
Priscilla Nesitha DevarajHow can we stay active 1141
Tom SheppardAre there any videos/programmes on here that focus on upper body exercises without the need to pu...1681
Judith DawsonI would enjoy watching and learning more from Jordan Awoye. His videos were very insightful. We n...2492
Nina VaughanI don't have a Fit Bit or Garmin but do have a step counter. Can I add that some how into my acti...1621
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