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Deirdra AhernMy 14 year old son has starting using weights and he is unsupervised, just doing what his friends...311
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Monica AlexanderI've watched 4 videos this morning and have received zero minutes. Is there an issue with the site?422
Kathy MosherHow do I mannually put in my steps? I have a Onwear pro tracker381
Cyndi Show can I modify time I self reported? 351
Katia GinovaI watched 1h and more viedos and gieve me only 1 or 2 minutes. Is any prolem with the Grokker app...291
Sian La-BordeHow can i see the images for the Daily workouts? Mine only has text no images to check i am doing...191
Tiago CalipoData from my google fit account not automatically moving to Grokker... even with the connection s...592
Jeremy RendonIs there a way to earn points by going to the gym to workout551
Karen Quagliadaily dish 441
Dan CampbellHow do I track the caregivers seminar that I attended today?461
Wade OsbornIt's not letting me join the Spring Challenge when I hit the Join Challenge button. What should I...591
Danielle KramerHow do I get my activity to link back to the Grokker page? All the permissions on my phone are se...471
Lori VenturinaWhat happened to the Grokker Challenges? We havent had one in a long time441
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