How to Create Healthy Eating Habits

Starting a healthy habit is easy. It’s not difficult to start eating well or exercising more. But following through and maintaining that healthy habit requires more than just the initial motivation. Changing your eating habits can be one of the hardest. Our busy hectic lives get the best of us and we slip back into ordering off the take-out menu. To help you break the cycle here are 3 fun and easy healthy eating tips.

Cook More at Home

When you're the chef you have control over what goes into your body. I’m not just talking about salt or fats, have you ever wondered about the hormones and preservatives you are consuming? Let’s just say you won’t have to wonder if you are the one purchasing and preparing the food. Look for organic, sustainably raised or minimally treated meat, dairy and produce. Paying attention to the ingredients can dramatically reduce your consumption of hormones and antibiotics. This also cuts down on the added preservatives. Chances are you won’t choose a recipe calling for artificial colors or flavors.

But what about those cravings!! You know, the “all I want are french fries” cravings… If you’re a foodie like me and just gotta have those go-to-foods - try cooking your “guilty pleasure” foods at home. This is a much healthier way to indulge your cravings. When you make your “guilty pleasure” foods at home you use fresh ingredients, less salt and eat more mindfully. You don’t have to give up your “guilty pleasure’ or suppress your cravings, just make it at home!


Creating healthy eating habits doesn’t mean obsessing over the number of calories in a recipe or how many dark leafy greens you can eat -- think about how you can simplify your cooking. Think about your diet in terms of color, variety, and freshness and don’t pick a recipe based on calories. When you go to the grocery store look for bright and fresh foods. Talk to your grocer, ask what’s in season. You’ll quickly be able to recognize the difference in taste between the fresh simple ingredients over processed foods.

Make Cooking a Group Activity

Get your friends and family involved! It’s easier to make lifestyle changes when you don’t go at it alone. Try making it a family activity. Take your kids to the grocery store with you and get them involved in picking out the fruits and vegetables. Not only are you spending quality time with your family you are starting them off with good eating habits. This is also a great activity to do with friends. Have group dinners! Surrounding yourself with people who care about healthy eating like you is far more valuable than trying to go at it alone. Together you can motivate each other and connect over a fun and healthy activity.

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