What are Grokker members up to in the South?

Grokker members in the South love yoga routines and workouts that help to tone and sculpt their bodies. Additionally, they aspire to increase their flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Meet Grokker members in the South

Ann Godfrey

Ann Godfrey has been using Grokker for approximately a year and a half. Ann found meditation in retirement. She was coping with the loss of several family members, and found that meditation gave her the calm and quiet that she needed to heal and reconnect with herself.

A teacher for 33 years, Ann became a private chef and caterer in retirement. She hails from an Italian family in New York, in which food was the center of everything. She picked up cooking naturally, and it has been one of her favorite ways to show her love to others.

Ann feels passionately about getting children excited about cooking. She wants to inspire mindfulness towards cooking and eating, and encourage families to take the time to reconnect with their food and cook more at home.