Enjoy a Wellness Staycation This Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and even if you don’t have an elaborate celebration planned, you can designate this long weekend as your own wellness staycation. With so many on-demand videos in cooking, yoga and fitness, any location can be a wellness retreat. Bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet, add your home’s wifi, and you have all you need! Here are 5 ideas for inspiration:

1. Try something new

You’ve got some time to yourself, use it for some inspiration. Before you go, browse around your favorite topic pages (Yoga, Fitness, Cooking) or just look through some of our latest releases for new recipes, new poses and new workouts, and see what strikes your fancy. Save it to your Watch Later and you’re all set.

2. Get to know your favorite expert teachers better

Did you know that most of our Grokker experts have bio-videos on their profile pages? Some Member favorites are from Maya Adam, Christy Evans, and Le Jon Guillory. Watching bio videos is an amazing way to get to know more about your favorite teachers. And be sure to follow your favorite experts (from their bio page or any of their videos) so you’re alerted when they release new videos or engage in the Grokker community.

3. Enjoy a longer workout or practice

You’ve got an extra day off. There’s no alarm clock/breakfast rush/commute/work deadlines to deal with so you can take more time for your yoga or exercise. If you usually do a 20 minute practice, why not try a 40 minute one? If you can usually only fit in a 15 minute ab routine, why not try a full core workout?

4. Get the whole family involved

In “real-life” exercise-time may be solitary “me-time”, but on Labor Day it’s always more fun to get the whole family involved. Try yoga for kids or any beginner yoga video, or you can even start the day together with a mindfulness meditation. Who knows? It may start a new family tradition!

5. Watch some cooking demonstrations

It’s a holiday, so you don’t always have to be “doing” something. Doing nothing is important too! A great way to relax is to watch the Grokker expert chefs whip up something amazing without breaking a sweat. Seeing the delicious dishes take shape might even inspire you to head to the market on a family shopping trip for ingredients that you can enjoy cooking and eating together.

Regardless of what you end up doing over the long weekend, be sure to devote some time to reflect on your personal wellness. Rededicate yourself to wellness and enjoy a staycation this weekend to kick start your journey to being a better you!