What are Grokker members up to in the California?

People who live in California value their health and do everything that they can to stay fit. One of the top health and fitness interests across California is Vinyasa yoga. Matching movement with the rhythm of your breath, vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits.

Meet Grokker members in the California

Nanci Schneidinger

Nanci Schneidinger is a music teacher in Oakland, California. On September 1, 2014 she made a goal to workout each and every day. With the exception of 3 days, she has met that goal! Moving every day gives her the energy she needs to conquer her days. To keep herself honest, she writes her planned workouts in her journal.

Nanci’s favorite Grokker video is Crazy Legs with Le Jon. It has really strengthened her lower body, and she does the video nearly every day! If you want to hop on Nanci’s workout routine, just put on a video with Le Jon.

Nanci tries to eat a well rounded diet with only organic fruits, vegetables and limited meats. She has a garden where she grows kale, cilantro, chard, basil, artichoke, tomato! The California sunshine is perfect for an abundant garden.