Stress-Busters for your High School Student that Actually Work

With growing demands and expectations, high school students today are just as stressed as adults. The difference is - high school students are not as well equipped to deal with stress, and as a result, are experiencing more depression, sadness, fatigue, and anxiety than ever before. Let’s face it: high school today is more difficult than ever before. Not only are they maxed out academically, but they’re dealing with social pressures, personal relationships, sports and endless extracurricular activities. As parents, it is our duty to provide our high-school aged students with the skills and tools they need to cope with life’s stress.

When your child is stressed, use these tips to get him/her back on the right track.

Encourage at least 8-9 hours of sleep

Studies have shown that students who get enough sleep each night have higher GPA’s, lower risk of car accidents, and are just generally happier. Make it a rule that phones and computers need to be shut off an hour before bedtime. Help your student relax and drift off into a restful sleep with guided meditations. This will help them far beyond their bedtime ritual.

Be a Role Model for Exercise

Free time is not easy to come by when there are constants tests, homework and extracurriculars, so be sure to leave time open on weekends. The ACT class can wait - instead, have your child workout with you. Physical activity is the number when way to blow off steam, and all it takes is 20 minutes a day. If there weather’s not great, throw on a workout video at home, and roll out an extra mat for your child. Check out these workout videos which any high-school aged child will love.

Teach them to Nourish their Body

Eating well may be the most important factor towards living a healthier life. Cut down on eating out, and use the money that saves to buy healthier snacks and ingredients. Incorporate more proteins, fruits and vegetables into the foods your family eats, and try and minimize heavily processed foods and unhealthy snacks. Not only will this help your child (and entire family) with their physical health, it will help them with their body image and a strong foundation of self-esteem - something that will help them throughout their entire lives. Check out these Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch and Healthy Dinner recipes for some inspiration!