Fruit Inspired Desserts for Labor Day

If you’ve got a real sweet tooth (as almost all of us do!) then you probably consider dessert a staple at every meal. Sometimes that sweet tooth leaves you feeling guilty though. How can you say no to something so decadent and sweet? It seems nearly impossible!

Lucky for you, desserts come alive during the summer without any of the guilt! At Grokker we’ve waited months for strawberries to ripen, pineapples to turn yellow, and watermelons to finally appear at the farmer’s market. These summer fruits are a refreshing and delicious way to satisfy those sugar cravings without packing on all the weight.

The only thing better than fruits in their raw form are fruits that appear in desserts! This Labor Day satisfy your sweet tooth by incorporating fresh fruits into some of your favorite dessert recipes. From good old chocolate dipped strawberries to more tropical pineapple fruit crisps there are ways to dress fruit up for dessert that even the kids can enjoy.

To help you make the most of fruits that are in season, we’ve put together some of our favorite summer dessert recipes. Enjoy!

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