5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is in the air, and, if you’re anything like me, you're probably thinking of spring cleaning -- not only your house and closet, but also your mind and body. After a long winter, chances are you haven’t had a ton of exposure to the sun. Your body is longing for some TLC, and what better way than with a full body cleanse?!

Here are some tips for getting healthier this spring. These tips will help you increase your energy, cleanse your liver, and trim some of those extra pounds you put on during winter.

1. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

With longer days and warmer weather comes a fresh crop of fresh produce. Sweeten up your smoothies with some fresh Strawberries, mangos, and even some Spinach, and add some variety to your salads with some fresh fennel, green onions and roasted asparagus!

2. Replace that Afternoon Coffee with a Green Smoothie

Cut down on the caffeine! Too much caffeine can be toxic for your body, and won’t provide you with the hydration you need during a cleanse. Instead, go for something hydrating like a smoothie or some freshly squeezed juice. It’ll provide you with the boost you’re longing for without causing you to crash hours later.

3. Snack on Nuts, Seeds and Grains

Stock your pantry with nutrient dense foods. That way, whenever you reach for a snack, you’ll be getting something that is full of natural vitamins and minerals, and satiates you for longer. Avoid processed foods, and opt for whole, natural snacks. Your You'll be less likely to experience blood sugar spikes, and you'll feel energized instantly.

4. Replace Refined Carbs with Fiber-Rich Foods

Instead of refined grains such as pasta, rice, and white bread which are stripped of their beneficial fiber and nutrients, stick with whole grains. Try something new like quinoa, lentils or even farro. These grains are all high in fiber, and protein, and will provide a range of health benefits.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Water is vital for the function of every organ in our circulatory systems - after all, our bodies are made of 60% water! Drinking lots of water will flush out your body of harmful toxins, and keep you hydrated. If you need a little flavor, squeeze some lemon or lime in your water - or even infuse it with some fresh fruit. Aim for 2.5 liters/day, and even more if you’re in a warmer climate or exercising vigorously.