June 21, 2021

Currently I've been prescribed to try out food and recipes high in iron & zinc to counter hair loss. What videos are available here?

Deepa Nayak, Level 11
Deepa Nayak
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tlc tlc, Level 58
tlc tlc52 points
June 24, 2021

Hi - My sympathies! One way to find the videos you like is to do the following: (1) Google "foods high in iron" and "foods high in zinc" and decide which ones you want to eat; (2) enter those foods into the search bar on grokker and examine whatever the Grokker website suggests; and/or (3) take a look at my "collections" by clicking on my "tlc tlc" profile. You'll see that fully 56 of my 96 collections cover food in all its varied glory. Best of luck finding a happy solution!

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