June 13

The program says I can watch the videos 5 days before they are scheduled or 5 days after, but I am not getting credit for watching them early. Can someone explain why?

Lawrence Dobbs
Lawrence Dobbs
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Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron96 points
June 13

Hi Lawrence Dobbs. That is correct that in order for you to receive a checkmark within the program for a watched video, you do need to watch it within 5 days before and up to 5 days after it was scheduled. I looked at your account, and it does look like it is working properly. You have completed all the videos for Week 1, plus a video for Week 2. You are on the right track.

Are you perhaps talking about the video "Healthy Lifestyle Habits"? You watched this video on 6/12 but it's not scheduled until around July 3 (I didn't check exact date). If that is the one you are referring to, you are not receiving the checkmark because it's outside the window of 5 days +/- it's scheduled date.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at support@grokker.com and we'd be happy to specifically look into your situation.

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