How to do a Healthy Cleanse

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about someone doing a cleanse, I immediately think about long, cranky, hungry days where you drink only juices or water dosed cayenne pepper. Fortunately, science has debunked the idea that we need to go on a special diet in order to detox our bodies. In fact, “...we cleanse all the time if we eat properly,” says Dr Fuhrman, the author of Eat to Live.

Some people do claim to feel amazing during and after starving themselves for a few days and Dr. Benedetti, a professor of neurophysiology, chalks that up to a placebo effect. It’s far more likely you’ll experience one of the negative side effects of severe calorie restriction including extreme fatigue, headaches, cramping and diarrhea.

And Dr. Mishori of Georgetown University Medical School recommends steering clear of fad cleanses and detoxes all together. Instead, she recommends going back to basics: cutting down sugar, cutting down processed foods and being better hydrated.

Dr Joy Dubost, dietician for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics can see one bright spot for doing a cleanse. She says, “If you know your diet isn’t great and you want to make a change, doing something a little over the top to initiate a hard break or “reset” from your old ways could put you in the right mindset to stick with a healthier eating routine.”

Natasha Corrett’s Honestly Healthy 6 Day Cleanse is one way to jump start a new way of eating healthier, without starving or hurting your body in the name of detox. Each day offers a healthy recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snack or real food! Now that sounds like a cleanse I can get behind!

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