It's Time to Reconnect With Your Food and Your Body

It’s amazing, and a little scary to look at a history of diet fads in the United States. From the 1925 “reach for a smoke instead of a sweet” campaign, to 1930’s Grapefruit Diet, the introduction of the Slimfast shake in 1977, Dexatrim pills in 1979 and eventually Fit for Life, Atkins, South Beach and Paleo. It seems we are always looking for someone to tell us a new way to lose weight and body fat. But what we’re seeking outside ourselves might be better found inside ourselves if we can reconnect with our food, our body and our intuitive wisdom.

Reconnect with your food

Maya Adam, a Grokker cooking expert and a lecturer at Stanford University School of Medicine, has a mission to help people return to simple, economical home cooking that she believes can help ensure the longterm health of our children and promote an improved quality of life for all families.

In her recent TED Talk "Why We Fight With Our Food", she says we come in to this world “hardwired to love food not just because food helps us to survive but because food brings us pleasure.” Food is called nourishment for a reason: from the refreshment and delight of summer popsicles or the love we feel when eating homemade soup if we’re sick. You’re hard wired to enjoy your food! And, in fact when you do enjoy your food, you often eat less.

Think about the big picture

As Maya explains so well in her TED Talk, for too many people what was initially a loving relationship with food, has turned into a turbulent and bitter fight. We’ve lost trust in our bodies and in our food.

Maya suggests that we think need to start to think “big picture” and to appreciate our body for its incredible ability to carry us through each moment of the day versus obsessing over counting calories, steps, or fat grams and fiber. It’s about taking a more mindful approach to food and our bodies and looking to eat well and stay active for a long and happy lifetime versus just a smaller jeans size.

Cook more at home

Cooking more at home helps you reconnect with your food and benefits your overall wellness. It is a creative outlet and a way to connect with the people you care about (things that make you happy). It helps you maintain a healthier weight because even when you indulge in your guilty pleasures like french fries, at home you use fresh ingredients and less salt and eat it more mindfully.

What do you think about reconnecting with your food and yourself? What are some things you could suggest?

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