Holding healthy habits? How!
Chia Lawton, Level 3
April 30, 2020

bold What motivates you!*bold* Any tips to encourage daily routine? I am plant based and a nutrition enthusianst but struggle with mental health when it comes to holding healthy habits on rough days. I've struggled with ED's before and becoming vegan really helped my relationship with food. However I've seen a recent decline in my health and want to get motivated to become the healthiest version of myself. Anything you do to stay eating at your best and making exercise your routine! Would really appreciate your help & advice :)

Martin Wood, Level 11
May 20, 2020

Staying consistent is tough!

Have you been using the "add to calendar" function? The alarm clock icon allows people to schedule any workout to a specific day and time. It will even send you an email 10 minutes before. This way you are reminded and don't have to go through the task of finding a workout when it's time to get going!

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