Love Sarah Kusch's videos
Linda Titus, Level 14
February 7, 2018

Sarah Kusch got me in shape to shovel snow today! Nice strong upper body and lots of stamina. Grokker has a library to fit my needs from day to day, I can stay at home and I'm available if my family needs me. No time or gas to go to a gym. I'm fortunate that I have some light weights and bands in my home. These workouts have targeted and improved areas where I was weak. I have gone back and done some of my favorite videos from other sources (not sure if we're allowed to say who or where) and I am doing them better. I have more strength, more body awareness, more focus, and better form. I never thought I would stay past the first free month and I have!

Debbie Coldiron, Level 53
February 7, 2018

Hi Linda Titus. Thank you for all the positive feedback! It is so nice to hear that the content we put out is making a difference in people's lives. Your results are awesome and a testament to having a goal and putting in the effort. Awesome job! And a note on Sarah Kusch...we are in the process of preparing some new videos by her. Keep a look out for them in the next month or so. Thanks for taking the time to write this, and thank you for being a Grokker enthusiast!

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