Please post your recommended supplements for women over 40 who suffer from muscle cramping, and joint issues
Cindi Small, Level 45
October 12, 2021

Try taking magnesium citrate at night. Start with one capsule and see how it helps. Also, decrease processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol because they are dehydrating.

Michael Rhodes, Level 1
October 7, 2021

It depends on many factors. What do your workouts look like? Are you exercising like you are still in your 20.s? Are you focussing solely on mobility or functional movement? Do you incorporate balance training into your workouts? What does your sweat smell like (strong like ammonia)? What about your eating habits? There are so many different possibilities.

Ivana rotondo, Level 9
May 13, 2021

I recently noticed my body changing for the worst. I have been working out regularly for over 25 years and recently wierd things have been happening such as getting sudden muscle cramps in wierd places...and not being able to work out at 100% capacity...I know I'm getting older, therefore I seek guidance with what it is I should be fueling my body with that will help me with these issues---aside from drinking enough water! If I have to hear that one more time!!!!...THANK YOU:)

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