Sarah Kusch new workouts
Natalie Amos, Level 10
March 30

I love Sarah Kusch's workouts. I heard she was working on some new videos. Any idea when they will be released? Thanks!

Natalie Amos, Level 10

I just received an email today that Sarah will have new daily workouts (15 mins or less) for 30 days starting April 15th! So excited!

Sue ., Level 43
April 30

I think they are great videos. I like the idea that you can modify the intensity so that you are able to push yourself even more. Things like changing regular chest push-ups from your knees to your toes or doing uneven push-ups!

Debbie Coldiron, Level 41

In addition to the Daily Workouts by Sarah Kusch, we have two new series that we will be releasing by her. One of the new series has already been filmed, so it is in the hands of our production team. This series should be released later this spring.

Starting this week, we will start filming another series with Sarah.

So stay tuned for more Sarah Kusch workouts coming to Grokker!

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