Splitting workouts into small chunks
Francisco Flores, Level 49

do you recommend spltting the workouts in small chunks? I.E. Doing cardio in the morning 20 minutes., body workouts at mid-day and then stretching in the afternoon maybe another 30 minutes? Please advise.

Pamela Reardon, Level 9
September 29

I just read an article this morning about "workout snacking" that said breaking up workouts through the day can be just as effective as an uninterrupted workout. This article specifically suggested setting an alarm to go off every 40 minutes to prompt you to get up and do some activity for 5 minutes or so. I would speculate that what you described would also work. https://drfranklipman.com/2022/09/05/4-ways-exercise-snacks-and-micro-workouts-get-big-results/

Philip Berg, Level 13
November 10

That can work but it also is dependant on your diet and intensity. You're body naturally creates creatine disperses through your body for about 30min-1hr period. After that, it turns to creatinine which is bad unless you're eating the right foods or supplementing to extend it. So if you're splitting your workouts, eating food that's geared towards the excerise before and after each workout would be best in getting results.

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