Vitamins and supplements
Philip Berg, Level 13
November 10, 2022

Supplements are really only needed if you're lacking a nutrient in your diet. I don't eat seafood for example, so I'll take fish oil, Omega3 pills, etc... It woud probably be best to take a week or 2 writing down things you eat regularly, then looking up their nutritional value and then doing a quick search what someone your height, weight, age, and gender should be taking in per day for whatever. If you're not getting enough of something and don't want to eat more, then supplement it out. If you're not sure what you're lacking, then just grab a multi-pack for men from GNC that typcally has what you need.

Keep in mind when it comes to dosage, you can do a lot more than people say or think so you shouldn't have to worry if you're doing too much at times. For example, studies shown for raising natural testosterone levels, patients safely took 100k iu a day of vitamin D3 a day for 1yr without any problems. 100k iu is an insane amount, the giant bottles that usually last months on end are only 2k iu.

Joseph William Salmon, Level 5
October 18, 2022

Agree that its very important to understand the diference between fat soluble Vits and others like Vit C and Magnesium. If you are deficient then often the recommended dosages are not even close to enough to move the needle.
For example, I recently realised I am deficient in Magnesium. The test for this is to continue consuiming a Magnesium supp containing all 7 kinds until your stomach tells you to stop (use your imagination)!
I needed 10x the recommended dose (I am not suggesting this applies across teh board) and have solved 10 years of backpain with this. A multi-vit would not have solved the issue.

Pamela Reardon, Level 10
September 27, 2022

I agree with a good multi, especially if your doctor has not indicated a need to take anything specific due to a deficiency. That said, some supplements are more reliable than others. Nature Made has an excellent reputation for quality and voluntarily submits many of their products for USP testing (assures it contains what the label says it does). Do watch out for vitamins that have excessive amounts of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and E. With these, if your body does not use them, they are stored in the body and can reach toxic levels. Other vitamins, like C, are water soluble and are flushed out of the body.

James Vazhavilla, Level 1
June 10, 2022

Your doctor would be able to recommend the vitamins you need to take based on your medical history. Multi-vitamins are definitely a good one to take, although I suspect your doctor might disagree. Look for "fermented" vitamins; they are lot better than the OTC vitamins that come in chemical form with fillers.

Nicholas Persechino, Level 47
August 4, 2021

well being a powerlifter i take a cocktail of stuff but i would start with a good multi and if your not doing anything or deficiaent in anything i wouldnt worry about it but i take multi, fish oil, joint complex, vit d high dose of 10 ui vit c, probitoic and taurine

Sukanya Bhat, Level 14
January 18, 2021

I think vitamin D is an important one. You can get your levels checked and then take vitamin d for a few months if you are deficient (most people are) and recheck to see if you are back on track. Vitamin D usually is fat soluble which means having just before or after food helps with absorption of vitamin D by your body

David H, Level 2
January 6, 2021

Looking for unbiased advise on vitamins and supplements that I should be taking. I'm a 50 year old male and currently don't take anything. It's difficult nowadays to really understand what is a valuable supplement/vitamin and what is just marketing. Without going crazy does anyone have any suggestions.

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