Welcome to the Grokker Fitness Forum!
Drew Marich
September 17, 2013

Hi. My name is Drew. My colleague Becky and I will be helping to moderate our new fitness forums. We want this forum to be a place on Grokker for our community of fitness enthusiasts to share and exchange with other like-minded enthusiasts, experts and Grokker team members. As we start to ramp things up, please start a thread with a question or comment you have or respond to this thread with any questions about Grokker or suggestions you have. Also, you can always reach Becky and I via email by sending a note to fitness@grokker.com. Looking forward to connecting with many of you in the future!

Cheers, Drew

Maggie Boege
June 5, 2014

Thank you for the welcome. I am looking forward to the interchange.

kathy malaney
December 28, 2015

Hi I'm new as well and wondering how to make a scheduled routine so I can get in a good workout and then some meditation.

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