You’re short on time and having trouble fitting in your workout. This is a common problem most of us face. It’s times like these when you start to wonder, “What are the best exercises I can do to make the most of the little time I have?”

Here are ten high intensity exercises to help you get the most out of a quick workout. Do not attempt them without a proper warmup and confidence that you have proper technique.


Start standing, squat and put hands on ground, jump feet back into plank position, push up, jump feet back in, jump straight up, repeat.

Burpees are great for just about every muscle group combined with some intense aerobic work!


Start standing holding barbell or dumbbells in front of you, lower weight while keeping your back flat and abs tight, come back to standing position, repeat.

Deadlifts are a very functional exercise that focus mostly on the legs and back.

Plank rows

Get in a wide feet plank position while holding dumbbells, row one arm while keeping your body still, row other arm while keeping your body still, repeat.

Plank rows require some major core strength and endurance while working the back, arms, and shoulders.


Start standing with dumbbells in each hand at your chest, squat, explode up into standing position with dumbbells pressed overhead, transition into the next one as you bring the dumbbells down.

Thrusters will get your heart pumping and burn the legs, arms, and shoulders. but They also require a strong core and back to maintain good form.

Squat jumps

Start standing, squat while lifting arms straight out in front of you, pull arms back as you jump, land softly as you transition into your next one.

Squat jumps will spike your heart rate and tire out your legs.

Lunge jumps

Start in a lunge, jump and switch legs midair, land in a lunge with the opposite leg forward, repeat.

If squat jumps aren’t enough, try these! Lunge Jumps will work your heart and legs, with additional work needed to stabilize the knee joint.


Start in a plank on your hands, drop into a plank on your elbows, get back up into a plank on your hands, repeat.

Elevators are deceivingly tough! They will challenge your core, arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Jump rope

There are many different ways to explore using the jump rope but all are great cardiovascular and total body exercises.


Sprinting isn’t just for the legs. Running at top speed gets every muscle group involved and is a sure way to get your heart working.

Elevators are deceivingly tough! They will challenge your core, arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Man makers

Start standing holding dumbbells, squat and put dumbbells on ground, jump back into wide feet plank position while still holding dumbbells, push up, row with one arm, push up, row with other arm, jump feet back in, return to standing position, curl dumbbells, press dumbbells overhead, return to standing position, repeat.

Man makers are like burpees on steroids! They will get everything working. By the way, just because this exercise is called a man maker doesn’t mean women can’t do it! Here is a video to show you how it's done.

My favorite exercises to do on a time crunch are burpees and man makers. What are your favorites?