December 8

Hello :) How do you pick the right weight of dumbbells for a workout ( I am doing the 21-day athlete with Pace and Go, week 2 )? I am an advanced beginner, 55 kg, 160cm (if that matters). Thank you!

Ekaterina Koulikova, Level 18
Ekaterina Koulikova
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Margaret K, Level 31
Margaret K36 points
December 11

If this is your first time to use dumbbells and have no injuries I would suggest you use lighter weights 3-5lb and then as you progress and feel more comfortable working with dumbbells you can work your way up. You do not want to start with a 10lb weight if you have not used weights before as this can lead to injury.
Hope you enjoy this Pace and Go Program. They have an Intermediate 8 week program that you may be interested in after you finish the 21 day Athlete. Enjoy!

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