March 28

How do I find the workout of the day?

Chris Blair, Level 10
Chris Blair
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Responses (2)
Katie Smith, Level 22
Katie Smith2 points
April 28

Are you using the website or app?
From Android, click the "Home" button. It looks like a little house. Then scroll down. It should be located right underneath your monthly activity calendar.
From mobile Chrome, after you've signed in scroll halfway down. It'll be midway down the page.

tlc tlc, Level 29
tlc tlc17 points
March 29

Hi - Click on "More" in the bar at the top of the screen. Then in the laft-hand column of the results that appear after clicking on "More", click on "Daily Workouts". If you'd like to receive daily reminders with weblinks to the workout of the day, click on "Send me a reminder when tomorrow's workout is available", which appears right above the "More Workouts" section at the very bottom of the "Daily Workouts" screen. Good luck! :)

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