September 20

how is the level determined? I am only at level 9 even though I have 763 of wellness minutes.

yvonne taylor, Level 14
yvonne taylor
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Responses (2)
Lorna Borenstein, Level 64
Lorna Borenstein78 points
October 26

Hi Yvonne, good news, you were close to achieving Level 10 when you asked this question. Level 9 tops out at 971 Wellness Minutes (768 - 971) so you only had few more hours to go until you hit Level 10 which is Wellness Minutes 972 - 1,199 minutes. Looks like you are now at Level 13 which is really impressive, congratulations!!

Margaret K, Level 65
Margaret K126 points
September 27

Please find info from our Help Center on the wellness levels.

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