June 13

I synced my fitbit last week and my minutes synced initially, but my new workouts since the weekend are not syncing with Grokker. All of the activity and minutes show in my fitbit app.

Manny Ojobaro
Manny Ojobaro
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Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron96 points
June 13

Hi Manny Ojobaro. I see that you have Fitbit minutes of 20 from yesterday and 245 from 3 days ago. Are there other minutes you are expecting? Are you using the Fitbit Device or are you using the Fitbit app? If you are using the app, please follow these instructions:

1. Open the Fitbit App
2. Select the "+" button from the bottom of the screen
3. Choose "Track Exercise"
4. Under the tab or screen of "Track" (iOS) or "Tracking" (Android), choose from "run, walk, or hike"
5. Once you've done that, select the red arrow to start your tracking.
6. When done, "pause" the activity and select "finish". Within minutes, this activity should be synced to Grokker and you should see it under your "I Did This" tab.

If you track the activity by going into either "Log" (iOS) or "Log Previous" (Android), Grokker looks at this as a manually entered activity, and we don't record manually entered activities.

If you are using a device, please note that we only record the following FitBit Activities: Walk, Run, Bike, Swim, Hike, Elliptical, and Sport. We also only sync with activities that are tracked on the device. We do not track manually entered activities.

If you still feel like you should have more minutes synced with Grokker, please email us at support@grokker.com and let us know specifically what is missing. If you are able to send your Fitbit dashboard, we can use that to investigate as well.

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