May 17, 2023

I thought I linked my Fitbit but this site doesn't seem to be receiving the data. Did anyone else successfully link their fitness tracker?

Tye Riker, Level 7
Tye Riker
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Margaret K, Level 81
Margaret K207 points
May 19, 2023

Please ensure you connected with these instructions:

How Fitbit works with Grokker:
When you connect your Fitbit account with Grokker, Fitbit activities from up to 48 hours ago will be sync'd. Going forward your workouts will be automatically sync'd with Grokker.
We record activities tracked by devices only. You need to start your device, choose the workout, end the workout when done and save. Manually entered activities are not used.
We only record the following Fitbit Activities: walk, run, bike, swim, sport, hike, elliptical, aerobic, training, exercise, and fitness.
We do not sync any steps.

Please email if you need further assistance. Thank you.

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