Why Kettlebells Are Good For Beginners

Trainers and pros agree, the kettlebell trend is here to stay and it’s working. Kettlebell workouts engage all the large muscles in the body, which demands that all the joints share the work. These cast iron cannonballs with a convenient handle, are way more than just a fancy doorstop. In fact, studies by the American Council on Exercise found that 20 minutes of kettlebell training burn as many calories as running at a six minute mile pace. This incredible calorie burn is hypothesized to be due to the whole body movements combined with interval training.

Good for all levels

Kettlebell exercises are adaptable for any fitness level. Weight and time are the two components of an interval based kettlebell workout. Kettlebells come in all different weight increments. When you’re starting off, pick the appropriate weight level to make sure the movements are safe and done with proper form. If you’re used to using 8-10 pound dumbbells, you might want to try a 14-15 pound bell. If you’re not currently lifting weights, we recommend you try out a 10 pound bell.

As with any exercise, don’t push yourself too hard as you get going. Stay in control and as you become comfortable with the weight work more aggressively and add reps. Most Grokker premium kettlebell workouts also include great beginner modifications.

It’s easy to get started

Kettlebells might look a little intimidating, but you don’t need to be a hard core bodybuilder to use them. Kettlebells are now found standard in most gyms or fitness centers, so you can often try them out without any financial commitment. If you do decide to buy your own, they generally cost anywhere between $20-40 -- way cheaper than a fancy gym membership.

Aside from your Kettlebell, you won’t need much to get going. Create a clear 5x5 workspace, and roll out your yoga mat or exercise pad. Either ditch your shoes, or slip on some thin soled exercise shoes so you can really grip the ground. Then, grab your weight and start your workout.

Quick and effective

If you’re giving it your all, 30 minutes is all the time you need to commit to a kettlebell workout. What’s even better news, a 30 minute kettlebell workout will have you burning over 600 calories in one session. Obviously, if you’re still feeling good after the 30 minute keep pushing yourself until you run out of gas. Working out with kettlebells three times per week is an excellent way to create a healthy habit and see results.

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