6 Weeks to Master Your Next (or First!) Mud Run
Written by Mark Luskus

As a former Royal Marine Commando in the UK, he’s trained special forces to extreme endurance athletes and now he’s going to train you. Meet Jon Stratford, your trainer and coach in The Ultimate Mud Runner series.

15 workout videos over 6 weeks

In the first fully comprehensive training video series for obstacle course and mud races, the Ultimate Mud Runner combines 15 workout videos, all designed to prepare you for your race in just six weeks. Jon will get you physically ready for the race with his custom designed strength and stamina workout videos, which will improve your conditioning and help you achieve your target time – or just help you finish! 

Prepare for race day obstacles

You’ll train at home and outdoors, from your local playground to your favorite park. The series provides you important tips and tricks on how you can use the facilities nearest and most convenient to you to make sure you are at peak performance. Jon shows you the best, fastest, and safest ways to tackle the obstacles you are likely to encounter on race day.

Everyone can do a Mud Run

Not sure what mud runs and extreme obstacle courses are? See what this hot fitness trend is all about, and why you’ll need a serious exercise program to get in shape before the starting gun goes off. Don’t feel intimidated if it’s your first race, Grokker’s Ultimate Mud Runner Guide will have you out there having fun in just 6 weeks.