A Different Kind of Fast-Forward: Use the Commercials to Get Fit During a TV-fest

If you are anything like me, you watch all your TV shows off of your DVR for the sole purpose of being able to fast-forward through the commercials. I am that girl who has no idea what people are talking about when they mention a funny commercial.

However, if you’ve been stuck watching commercials, this workout can make it so you don’t know the latest commercials. You might as well use that 2-3 minutes to your advantage! Let's ditch the fast-forward button (or-GASP-watch TV in real time), and get moving on each commercial break.

This workout will work muscles all over your body, while getting in some little bursts of movement to keep you from spending your Sundays sedentary.

Couch Push-ups

Keep super straight from shoulders to feet. Lower your chest down as close to the couch as you can, while keeping a straight spine and strong shoulders. Elbows can come out to the sides, but the closer they are to your ribcage, the more difficult (and more effective) the push up will be.

Modification: Bring your knees down for the push ups. Keep very straight from shoulders to knees.

Coffee Table Tricep Dips

No more bat wings for you! Sit on the coffee table, and then scoot out so your butt hovers in front of the table and your hands support you. Drop your booty toward the ground by bending your elbows and pointing them straight back. Keep as little weight as possible in your feet.

Modification: Rather than having your legs straight out, bring them flat to the floor, almost like a crab position. Work to get them further away from you as you progress.

Couch Plank Donkey Kicks

Set up in a plank (either forearms or hands) on the edge of your couch. Just like the push ups, keep very straight from shoulders to feet. Then, bend one knee and press your foot as if you are pushing it against the ceiling. Squeeze your butt at the top. Do all the reps before returning your foot to plank and switching sides.

Modification: Eliminate the couch, and do this exercise on the floor in an all-fours position.

Sit Ups

Use the couch to stabilize your toes and keep yourself from using momentum. Bring your fingertips lightly behind your head. Start to lift your shoulders to sit up completely, imagining you can pull your belly button toward your spine as you lift up. As you lower, maintain control, and try to let each part of your back touch the ground as you descend. Keep your chest open and elbows out the entire time.

Modification: Do a crunch instead, lifting your shoulders off the ground and then lowering down instead of sitting all the way up.

Toss this in at each commercial break of your favorite show, and you will even still have time to refill your water glass before it starts again! Over time, you will see that you are able to do these exercises with fewer modifications, along with improvement in your fulls workouts as well!

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