What is the best way to engage employees in a wellness program?

Executive participation is key -- the choices and decisions of the executive team make or break the success of the wellness program. Ideally the goal of any wellness program is to help educate employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

Many wellness programs focus on fitness, but stress is a top issue in the workplace, how can wellness programs help?

Some companies say, “here’s a meditation room”, but don’t help employees learn to how to meditate. Offering guided meditation tools in these meditation rooms could help.

What can employees do to help get a wellness programs implemented in their workplace?

Start with a survey of employees to understand their interests, needs and motivations.

About Linda

Hailing from Australia, Linda is a stress reduction specialist and a champion of creating empowered employees who are committed to the vision of their employers. Her mission is to help companies thrive by helping employees, teams, and management lead healthier and more productive lives.

Linda’s focus is Silicon Valley start-up companies that experience rapid growth to function at the highest levels by offering wellness solutions so her clients manage growth and expansion with harmony, high morale, creativity, and energy.

Linda has trained and studied numerous modalities including massage, hypnosis, yoga, spiritual coaching, EFT, NLP, and many more. She has received training with renowned institutions like Australian college of Natural Medicine, University of Sedona, TAFE Queensland, Tad James Co., Chris Howard Co., National Speakers Association, and many more.

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