25 Ways to Reward yourself without Ruining Your Progress

We have all done it. Awesome workout, busted your butt. You deserve that extra slice of deep dish pizza, even though you aren't really hungry.

Rewarding yourself for your hard work is so important. However, if you're not careful, you can end up negating your workout while you are trying to pat yourself on the back for it.

So, here are some ideas for great ways to reward yourself for your hard fitness work, while keeping from the proverbial one-step-forward-two-steps-back.

1. Get a manicure, pedicure, or both!

2. Order dinner out instead of making it.

3. Have an extra cup of coffee.

4. Treat yourself to that cup of coffee out on the patio (if it's a nice day, obviously).

5. Take a bubble bath.

6. Go shopping.

7. Order that super cute bag (or shoes, or top, or whatever) you have been eyeing.

8. Leave the dishes in the sink for the day.

9. Chill out on the couch and binge-watch your favorite show (use the commercials to rack up more rewards, if you're feeling extra ambitious! LINK)

10. Call a friend that you haven't chatted with in awhile.

11. Better yet, go meet that friend for coffee.

12. Get a massage.

13. Curl up with a good book.

14. Take a nap.

15. Sleep in (may require a little sweet-talking from the spouse if someone has to wake up with the kiddos).

16. Buy yourself flowers.

17. Buy yourself one of those awesome smelling, but usually stupid expensive, candles.

18. Get a facial.

19. Have your makeup done at one of the counters in the department store.

20. Swap out tomorrow's workout for a calm, stretchy yoga class.

21. Get some new workout gear.

22. Brag on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

23. Treat yourself to an all-out Pinterest session.

24. Get a babysitter and plan a date night.

25. Download an audio book, curl up on the couch, close your eyes, and listen.

You're working hard; you deserve the reward!