Apple Health App and Grokker
Nancy Delgado, Level 13
June 1, 2022

hello yes as I mentioned above I followed all the steps and still do not see the app. should I sign into Grokker? do I need to pay for this app? there is a yearly and monthly fee. I thought this was free? thanks

Margaret K, Level 81
May 31, 2022

Hi Nancy please confirm that you did all of the following:

Download the Grokker iOS App
Go to your device Settings
Scroll down to Health
Tap Data Access & Devices
Select Grokker
Turn All Categories On

If you did all of the above and still not connected please go to the Grokker app settings screen (from profile screen), then select Apple health. You will be asked to connect if you are not already connected and then you should see the Grokker app under devices.

Finally you may also need to delete the app and reinstall the latest version 4.30.2 and you should see the Apple health prompt when you sign in again.

If you need further assistance, please email Thank you.

Nancy Delgado, Level 13
May 26, 2022

hello I followed all the steps as provided but when I select Data Access & Devices link, Grokker does not appear as an option in APPS for me to add. Please advise how to resolve. I have been manually tracking but would prefer if this were automatic. thanks

Elaine Eads, Level 49
January 10, 2022

hello - workouts in apple health are not appearing in Grokker. How can i get them to sync? i dont want to have to self report every activity separately in Grokker. will it just read from apple health?

Debbie Coldiron, Level 97
March 26, 2019

In order for your Grokker activities to connect to Apple Health, a few things need to happen. (1) On Apple Health, you need to have all the sources turned on for Grokker, (2) the activity that you do on Grokker has to be either a Fitness,Yoga, or Mindfulness activity (cooking videos won't sync), and (3) you need to do your Grokker workout on your iPhone through the app. If all of those things have happened but yet you're activiities are still not syncing from Grokker to Apple Health, please feel free to email us at

Julie Richards, Level 49
December 30, 2018

has anyone got the Apple Health app to update with Grokker activities? In the Apple Health app i have Grokker as a source and i have all categories turned on. I did a video today and selected i did this. it shows in my Grokker calendar as watched and progress tracked. but it don't see any activity added to the Apple Health app.

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