Family accounts
WE Williams, Level 8
April 30

My wife and I are looking at Grokker for a method of changing a few lifestyle habits. While we don't mind paying a subscription fee we don't want to have to pay a subscription for both of us to get the ability to link our fitness trackers etc. Is there a family plan where we can have multiple users within a family that can link and track data with only having to pay one monthly subscription...or a way to get a dicounted subcription for a second family member.

Debbie Coldiron, Level 44

Hi WE Williams. I think you may have also emailed us with your question. But just to note here as well, a Grokker subscription is not set-up to allow for two accounts under one subscription. You would not be able to individually track your wellness minutes and activities. If you have two different tracking devices (ie, a Garmin Watch and a Fitbit), you could sync both of those. But if, for example, you both have Fitbits, you would only be able to sync one of them.

We don't have a family plan per se, but I could likely get you a monthly discount at $9.99/month instead of the $14.99/month. If that is something you are interested in, please contact me again at

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