Fitbit data not showing up
Melody Stillwagner, Level 42
July 24, 2023

Same problem , my fitbit is connected but does not show data

Deeps ., Level 48
July 26, 2021

Same question here.. Where do I go in and check that the fitbit minutes have synced and how do I track my excercise level over a period of time. Any report or graph to show days excercised/missed/ over a period of time or any bar /line graphs

Rory Klawien, Level 70
January 29, 2021

So I recently joined and currently log all my food, activity, and water through fitbit and its app... though I went through the steps to add Grokker as a authorized app in Fitbit, nothing I do or enter on fitbit shows up in Grokker. Any ideas?

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