Friends list?
A D, Level 20
May 18

If this feature exists, I can't find it- so it'd be geat if you direct me to it.
If it doesn't exist, it would be nice to be able to have a friends list in which we can see how each other is doing and track our progresses/programs. It would be a nice way to keep yourself accountable.


Debbie Coldiron, Level 41

Hi A D. You are welcome to search for any user by their name. If you find one of your friends on Grokker, you can "Follow" them. When you follow another user, you will be notified whenever they claim an "I Did This". You can leave comments for them to encourage them, and they in turn can also comment on your posts.

(In the near future, we will offer the ability for members to communicate with each other via one on one conversations.)

A D, Level 20
May 20

Great, thank you!

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